Tamatec Laser Cutting and EngravingTamatec Laser Cutting and EngravingTamatec Laser Cutting and Engraving
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CRAFT       Laser cutting and Engraving

Cost effective Cornish cut crafting parts from a wide range of sheet material and colours. We will cut large or small quantities of designs from stock or client designs.

Choose a material, thickness and colour, tell us what you want and let us do the rest. 3mm thick materials are the most popular and we can help with the colours when we have some idea of what you need. We can cut and mark very thin materials such as paper, veneer; or material as thick as 8mm. We will supply the material or we can use yours.

We will provide you with prices for any quantities that you require so that everything is clear before we proceed with the project. If it helps we will cut samples of the design so that they can be viewed before proceeding with the task. With cost effective Cornish pricing we can provide you with next day delivery if necessary.

If you have an artwork or an image for your design, then attach it to your email for us to use to price your project.

Contact for help or guidance.

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Crafting Materials we cut:

Crafting Shapes:

For more images visit our Craft Gallery